WEE Shine Your Light

As the school years draws closer to summer break, educators at West End Elementary School decided to highlight their students by inviting parents to the campus and celebrate student accomplishment. They called the event Shine Your Light. Dr. Dennis Drummond, principal at WEE, and educators turned each classroom into art galleries and stations for show and tell, detailing everything they have learned, and the creativity born from bright little minds who call the school their home.

As a special treat for visitors, the school gymnasium became a performance hall where children entertained the crowd with song and dance.

“Shine Your Light was an event that was organized by our volunteer parent engagement coordinator, Ms. Mary Beth Futral, who shared the idea with us, and we loved it,” Dr. Drummond said when asked about the birth of this event. “This is a night to allow our students to shine and show off the great work they have been doing all year long. In every classroom, parents will find some of their work, an art show where parents can purchase frames for their child’s artwork, and we also have registration help for families and we are offering yearbooks for students who would like to order one to remember the wonderful year we’ve had here at West End.”

Drummond also mentioned the school band, chorus group and the school clogging club preparing for shows in the gym. As families moved around the school, they were able to see how West End educators are working to provide different ways for Wolves to learn and grow.

“We are so proud of the work they are doing and of the work our teachers are doing,” Dr. Drummond said. “And I want our parents to know that parent engagement is critical to us. Ms. Futral has done a really great job reengaging our parents. COVID was hard for us, partly because we had a time where parents could not come to our building. So, we are working hard to get them back in to support our students. Parents play a really important role in the education of our kids and we want to partner with them. We could not be more pleased with the turnout, and we are so proud of what our kids have been able to accomplish.”

Go Wolves!!!